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VII Black Sea Winemaking Forum will be held on 3-4 September 2020 in Moscow (Russia) on an open terrace with a view of the Moscow river.

Black Sea Winemking Forum is an international standing cooperation platform for wine sector of agricultural business and wine trade. The Forum is held with the support of Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation, Russian Union of Viticulturists and Winemakers, Association of Sparkling Wine Producers, Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia, Association “Alliance of Wine Producers” and the Union of Bulgarian Enologists.

Black Sea Winemaking Forum is a standing international cooperation platform for wine sector of agricultural business and wine trade. Since 2014 it organizes annually the specialized comprehensive branch event. A total more than 7000 professionals from the wine business sector, representing about 40 countries and more than 600 enterprises and organizations took part in the events during the first five years history of the Forums. Under the auspices of the Forum since 2014 the collaborative events and business mission trips were organized in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Moldova, Romania and some other countries. The annual meetings of the Forum determine basic directions for its other activities in wine business sector as an international standing body: they are country business missions, country and regional press tours, wine companies and wine brands promotions, specialized exhibitions, tasting workshops, conferences, wine and spirits competitions.

The Forum consists of the following activities:

Exhibition of winemaking enterprises (wines and spirituous beverages) and the related sectors companies, the exhibition will be opened both to the professionals and to the amateur wine lovers

Conference devoted to the market analysis of the wine business sector and related services in the Black Sea region countries

Master classes and companies’ presentations, tastings parties

International Wine Contest “Black Sea Wines” The producers of wines, brandies and other spirituous beverages will compete for the awards in accordance with the OIV standards.

The Contest is an independent platform cooperating with plenty of media recourses in the region targeting both the professional and the consumer audiences. The results of the Contest are widely publicized in the countries of the region and they are particularly important for the wine sales in the Russian speaking consumer markets (300 million people). These consumer audiences are in general cannot follow in English the results of other wine contests and ratings.

Participation in the “Black Sea Wines 2020” Contest is free for the VII Black Sea Winemaking Forum participants.

Please fill the provided registration form for the companies. In response you will be sent the Participation Packages information. The Forum’s organizers also offer different promotional Packages for the companies wishing to be a partner of the Forum.