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V Black Sea Winemaking Forum will be held on 27 - 29 June 2018 in Bulgaria, in the famous Black Sea resort Golden Sands in Varna city.

The V Forum will be held under the OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine) high patronage and with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation and of the Union of Bulgarian Enologists.

The Black Sea Winemaking Forum is the region's largest specialized comprehensive branch event. A total of about 1500 participants, representing 30 countries and more than 400 enterprises and organizations took part in the events of the first four Forums.

The Forum traditionally consists of the following activities:

exhibition of winemaking enterprises and related sectors companies including the trade fair of wines and spirituous beverages (winemaking companies will be able to sell their products to the visitors, presented both by the forum’s participants and by the numerous tourists resting on the Bulgarian resorts this period);

conference “Founding of the functioning international platform to support the development of the Black Sea Region and the Balkan Peninsula winemaking sector”;

master classes and companies’presentations;

wine retail session with the participation of owners of Russian retail chains, dedicated to the analysis of the perspective trends in wine trade on the Russian and Black Sea Region markets;

on the sidelines of the Forum the traditionally popular among the winemakers of the region International Wine Contest “Black Sea Wines” will also be held. The producers of the wines, brandies and other spirituous beverages of vitivinicultural origin will compete for the awards.

The Jury of the Contest consists of the leading experts from the countries of the region (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Georgia, Greece, Romania, Russia, Serbia and others).

The Contest is an independent platform for the Black Sea Region wines international evaluation. The results of the Contest are particularly important for the consumers from the Russian speaking world, who are in general cannot follow the usual world known English ratings.

The special reimbursement program is offered for the buyers: the accommodation will be covered by the organizers. The buyers from Russia and other Eurasian countries, interested in purchasing, distribution and selling of wine products from the countries of the Black Sea Region and Balkans are eligible (upon the special decision of the Black Sea Winemaking Board).

Please fill the registration form on-line.


Forum is held to support the practical cooperation mechanisms: networking of the traders and producers; mutual promotion of the products on the relevant international and regional markets; assistance in the legal protection on the markets in different countries of the region; analytical networking in the formation of the consolidated opinions for the market researchers and analysts; lobbying and the mutual support in informing about the decisions made (or intended to be made) by the relevant government authorities, responsible for the regulation and the development of the winemaking sector.

The annual meetings of the Forum determine basic directions for its other activities as a permanent body: they are exhibitions, tasting workshops, conferences, wine and spirits competitions.

Black Sea Winemaking Forum can also organize other types of activity to reach its goals.

Black Sea Winemaking Forum has its own brand logo, which may be used by the participants in their documentation and product labeling.

The Forum pays a special attention to the establishment of a special international system of independent ratings for wine products of companies-participants.

Forum participants consider the Black Sea Region as an area united not only by similar moderate resort- style climate and geographical peculiarities, but also as a region unified by the traditional culture of winemaking and relevant cuisine.

The peoples of the Black Sea Region countries traditionally have friendly attitude towards each other, they respect the traditions of the production and consumption of wine and culture of the feasts, they have very good mutual knowledge of the regional ethnic cuisines. The Black Sea region is the most affordable and a favorite destination for the tourists from the neighboring countries, including the countries which do not have a direct access to the Black Sea.

Winemaking requires protection of geographical and cultural uniqueness, because it is closely tied to the place of origin of vine and wine production. The preservation of the traditions, the support of the authentic winemaking production is the basic aim of the Black Sea Winemaking Forum participants.

Place аnd Time

V Black Sea Winemaking Forum will be held on 27 - 29 June 2018 in Bulgaria, in the famous Black Sea resort Golden Sands in Varna city.

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